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  • Subway or the wrong way?

    Friday 20 July 2012

    Categories: Education, Health, Media Influence

    Is a school in Greater Manchester taking a thoroughly modern and sensible approach to providing its students with appealing grub? It is in talks with Subway, the fast food sandwich chain, about opening a franchise for its sixth form. If a deal is reached sixth formers at Parrs Wood High School will have a wider choice of food on site and can make informed choices about eating healthily. Subway’s slogan is “Eat fresh” and the firm have signed the Government’s Responsibility Deal which includes a pledge to reduce salt content and to give the calorie count of its sandwiches.

    And yet…….

    Whatever happened to Jamie’s impassioned plea for pupils to be provided with heathy, nourishing and interesting food? He can’t have been thinking of Subway’s fodder. Education Secretary Michael Gove has just announced a review of school dinners and I can’t believe that he or Jamie would approve. And who is going to profit financially by this arrangement? More than 80% of the Manchester Evening News’ respondents disapprove of the possibility of a Subway branch at the school.

    What do you think though? Use the comments box below and tell us what you think of this initiative. Is it good or bad for our schools? And how would you respond if your daughter’s school considered such a move?

    Posted by Alison Morris

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