About girls' schools

So what do you really know about girls’ schools?
Hockey? Yes. Jolly? Probably. But there’s also self-esteem, opportunity, freedom from stereotypes, friendship, leadership, success…

Claudia Winkleman

Q. Your name?

Claudia Winkleman

Q. Your school?

City of London School for Girls

Q. Your current occupation?

Journalist/TV presenter

Q. Your favourite subject at school?

History of Art

Q. Your best and worst memory of your school days?

Best – the lunch break; Worst – PE

Q. What or who inspired you to follow your career?

My mum

Q. What do you feel you gained by attending a girls’ only school?

I didn’t have to wear mascara to charm boys.

Q. Any advice for parents choosing a school for their daughter?

I’m not clever enough to give advice to parents about choosing a school. When I’m choosing a school for my own children, I choose one where the kids look happy.

Q. Any advice for girls planning their university and/or career choices?

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll end up doing something you enjoy. If all else fails, get as many qualifications as you can

Q. Any other comments you would like to make?

I loved my school. And I love peanut butter.

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